Saturday, April 26, 2008


One fun thing about living in the city is that my boys get to see exciting things like police cars, firetrucks, and helicopters on pretty much a daily basis. They love it. But today, especially, they got quite a show! All afternoon helicopters were flying right over our home fighting a brush fire in the foothills behind our city - we could see them up close from Toby's upstairs bedroom window.

The fire started this afternoon. Debbie was the first to call me, which helped me connect why I was hearing sirens and helicopters. When I looked out from the patio I could see a big cloud of smoke, but it wasn't until the sun went down that I could see the flames through the trees that block part of the view. We had temperatures in the 90s today with some wind - perfect conditions for fires.

Supposedly the fire will be contained within the next 20-24 hours, and there are no homes in immediate danger, so I'm not too worried about being evacuated. I am a little worried about the air quality and my kids' little lungs as they sleep. Obviously we've kept the windows closed and have stayed indoors all afternoon.

I thought these photos I recently took of the kids in their fireman hats would go perfectly with this blog post. They have a firetruck pop-up tent, and their hoses are vacuum attachments. :)

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The Stiles Family said...

Oh my goodness. I am glad your family is out of danger. I can imagine the fear you felt. The pictures are adorable. Very creative to have them use vaccuum attachments...perfect. Stay safe:)