Monday, March 23, 2009

Little League Slide Show

We were sent this link to a slide show of pictures taken on Opening Day for Little League. It will give you an idea of what a fun day it was! A slice of Americana. There is one picture of Toby with his team (The Phillies) in the back of the truck (#9) and one of him about to come down the slide of a bounce house (#50). Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

In this picture Toby is holding a "leprechaun trap" that he made at preschool. Following is a cute story of his attempt to catch a leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day:

Since St. Patrick's Day was on Tuesday, a day Toby doesn't go to preschool, his teacher sent his trap home with us on Monday with a small baggy of Lucky Charms to use as bait. As soon as we returned home Monday, Toby set up his trap and placed the bait in it. Then he went off to play. I was unloading groceries and getting the boys some lunch. What was Asher doing? Curious about Toby's craft, he was checking out the trap, and eating the irresistible little marshmallow charms! When I saw what Asher was doing, I didn't want to draw Toby's attention, so I quickly whisked him away. I made a mental note to replace the cereal from our own box of Lucky Charms before Toby noticed and had a fit that Asher had eaten the precious bait.

Well...I forgot to replace the cereal.

That afternoon we were doing an activity at the table when Toby decided to check on his trap. I cringed, realizing what I had forgotten to do. Toby's eyes got big, and his face got extremely excited (instead of upset) when he burst out, "Mom, the leprechaun already came to my trap and it ate all the marshmallows!! " I totally went with the flow, showing complete surprise and wonder that a leprechaun would be sneaky enough to come eat the marshmallow charms and leave the rest of the cereal behind. Toby's reaction couldn't of been better and he couldn't wait to tell his dad all about it!!

We placed more Lucky Charms in the trap.

Toby was full of nervous excitement on St. Patrick's Day when he checked the trap. Unfortunately he didn't catch a leprechaun, but all the cereal was GONE and in it's place were GOLD chocolate coins (also sent by the preschool teacher for me to sneak in to the trap)!! That morning I let the boys have dessert at breakfast. :)

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Tim!

We had a fun family dinner celebration for Tim's birthday. He finally caught up to me, since I am 5 months older! Toby once referred to that as mom being "bigger" - we had to explain that older doesn't mean bigger when you are a grown up. :)

We are blessed to have Tim in our lives! He makes us all so happy!
What made Tim's birthday weekend extra fun was that David happened to have a stop in San Diego and some time off to come up and see us. (Wish we could of seen Kristi too...) The boys loved getting to play with their Uncle Davy!
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Handmade by...

Thought I would share the cards that the boys made for Tim on his birthday. The first three are Toby's and the last is Asher's. Tim was very pleased and the boys were so proud.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Go Phillies!

Tim had to talk me in to signing Toby up for t-ball (since Toby is my little soccer star). I'm really glad he did because Toby is having a GREAT time! He gets very excited before each game (he's had three so far) and enjoys every minute. A good little batter, he's even hit the ball a few times without the tee, and has had the opportunity to play different positions. He likes playing the pitcher position the best (the kids don't pitch, obviously, but most of the balls come straight to the pitcher so it is an exciting place to be) and thought being catcher was "so boring". Sorry Andrew.

Little League is a big deal in our town, with opening day activities (a few Saturdays ago) including a parade, ceremony, and carnival. For the parade each team was piled in to the back a truck. With a fire engine leading the way, all the trucks drove down in a line to the ball park. It was fun to watch! Toby had his first game that afternoon. It was a long day, but he loved it!
Pictured with some teammates before the Opening Day Parade.

The Phillies warming up before their first game!

Way to go, Toby!

Although he is not an official coach, Tim is able to be out on the field helping out.

Little brother can't wait for his turn out on the field.

Fortunately for Asher, there are a number of other little siblings (mostly boys) who come to watch their older brothers and sisters play. No, the little guys don't watch the game. Instead they play with trucks in the dirt beside the bleachers and get really dirty. It's great fun all around!

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