Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am blessed.

My two cuties on Mother's Day.

Toby, Toby, Toby

Our Tobiah is growing up fast. He has his first loose tooth, has grown 3 inches since this time last year, and is off to kindergarten next year. Unbelievable.

May 4th was his half-birthday, which we celebrated with half a cake and one present.

May 28th was Toby's preschool Open House:

He proudly showed me around his classroom.

He played his last t-ball game of the season Saturday, May 23rd. It was great to see how much all the players improved in their skills. Toby had a great time and played well!

Had to get a picture of the dugout scene.

Here is Asher with his posse of little brothers who would run around and get dirty while their older siblings played t-ball.

And lastly, Tim and I took Toby to his first movie! He has always loved animals, so when we saw that the documentary Earth was out we decided that would be a great show for him to see in the theater. (Debbie babysat Asher.) It was a time for us to do something special with Toby, since he is growing up quickly and is about to enter a whole new phase of life next school year. Sigh.

April Recap

Most of my computer time lately has been spent translating a lengthy document from English to Spanish for a family friend, but I wanted to update my blog with some recent pictures before I get too behind!

My parents visit in April was full of fun outings and time together:

Here are two love birds in a mom and dad inside a sculpture at the arboretum made of live willow branches. The kids call it "the fort".

Grandma enjoys time with Asher at the park.

My parents generously allowed Tim and I to take advantage of their free babysitting to go away for the weekend to Santa Barbara, a place I've wanted to go to since we moved to California. It was as beautiful as everyone had described it.

In front of the Santa Barbara Mission.

Watching the sunset. Notice the shadow of Tim taking the picture.

Yummy Italian food.

Uncle Andrew came down from Reno to join the family fun while my parents were still in town.

The boys went easy on him.

So that's April for on to May, which you will soon notice is all about Toby, Toby, it fair that he gets to have so much fun?