Friday, April 11, 2008

Eye Drops

Asher usually eats a good breakfast, but if Tim is home, he shares a second breakfast with him. It cracks us up! He will stand beside Tim and wait for every other bite. Tim can't resist giving in to the little beggar and teases me that I must never feed the kid. Then as soon as Asher sees me getting my bag ready for whatever the day's activities are he will start asking for "ack" (snack), since he knows I always pack snacks in the bag. The boy could eat all day!

At 20 months, Asher weighs 26 lbs. 12 oz. I know this because we were at the doctor's office today! Asher had a red, somewhat swollen and crusty eye, so I called this morning and was able to get a 3:30 pm appointment for him. Tobiah tagged along. Eye drops were prescribed and I was able to administer them to Asher a lot better once I started bribing him with jelly beans. :)

By this time I'm noticing that Toby is rubbing his eyes and he finally admits to me that they are itchy. I was able to get a drop in to one of his eyes but he completely lost it after that and wouldn't let me get anything in the other eye. Jelly beans didn't work as well on him...not that he didn't want them, but he really disliked the feeling of the drop going in to his eye - it feels cold and stings a bit. (I know, because after all this my eyes began to feel uncomfortable and I decided I might as well give myself a dose as well!) I finally was able to get Toby to let me put the drops in his eyes right before he went to bed. I told him that I was going to put drops in my eyes as well and he very sweetly told me to "be brave".

I think part of the reason Toby was so sensitive about the drops is that he was just exhausted from his fun day. Tim was home this morning, so Asher stayed home with him and Tobiah and I met a friend and her two boys (ages 4 and 8) at the arboretum. It was SO FUN to do something with just Toby, stroller free! I could really keep up with him instead of constantly having to call him back! My friend and I just followed the boys' lead. It was wonderful! Today was a day that I could fully enjoy Toby's energy - what a gift!

Outside the doctor's office there is a wall that has square holes through it, perfect size for little boys feet. (Architects must not build with a mother's sanity in mind.) Toby, of course, didn't hesitate to scale it. Walls with any kind of a foothold bring out my son's inner Spiderman and I find myself quickly having to run over and spot him. He will climb anything!

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Amy said...

In your stories and descriptions, Asher sounds like he has A LOT in common with my Aidan. Aidan mooches a 'second breakfast' off Weston the same way, and he LOVES to eat, constantly. They even look a lot alike in many of your pictures!