Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Awaiting Baby

As my tummy gets rounder and my unborn baby's rolling around gets more pronounced, the reality of this little being that is going to join our family is setting in. Even as I type I feel the occasional kick or shifting as if baby is saying, "Hi, Mom!"

The plan is for baby to be born via c-section on March 18th. My last two births didn't go according to "plan", though, so I'm just trying to stay ready for anything. As the time draws nearer I am looking forward more and more to meeting this little girl. I wonder what her hair color will be... What her temperament will be like... Will she be a good sleeper?! (Oh, please, yes!)

FYI: The pictures below were taken in November. I am much bigger now, and not so sure I want to be photographed. :)

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

November to the New Year

I am not much of a blogger anymore, but I still want to try to get at least one post up a month so I have a record of our quickly growing boys and their active lives.

Toby had a fun soccer season, which wrapped up in November. His team was full of talented and motivated players - a great group of kids! Toby scored goals almost every game. He loves the sport and is very driven when he is on the field. We loved watching him play.
We had a quiet Thanksgiving, just the four of us, but somehow that made it extra special. We are so thankful for our little clan. Asher flashed a huge smile for me AFTER his Thanksgiving program at preschool, but spent the actual program feeling shy and hiding his face behind his hands. (It was still cute.)

Matt, Sara and Bella visited the first week of December. Having a baby in the house was so fun for all of us and we all fell in love with Bella.

School Christmas programs (this time Asher sang confidently), parties, and shopping carried us through most of December. Toby got one of his Christmas gifts early: tickets to Disney on Ice from Uncle David and Auntie Kristi! It was neat to drive in to LA and go to a show at the Staples Center (where the LA Lakers play). The boys were captivated by the amazing performances, costumes, and music.

I love Christmas! So glad my parents could spend it with us!

We spent the morning of New Year's Day watching the Rose Parade, but not on TV! With Debbie living so close to the parade route and the boys being old enough to sit through it, I decided this was the year to be there in person. It was totally worth it! It was a beautiful day. Looking forward to 2010. Happy New Year!