Thursday, May 1, 2008


This morning, while Asher and I were at his mommy-and-me gymnastics class, Tim and Tobiah stayed home and worked hard taking Toby's bed apart and setting up in Asher's room. Tonight is the first night that the boys will have shared a room! I put Asher down first, but he was still awake when I tucked Toby in. I thought I'd hear giggles or something after I left the room, but I didn't hear a peep. I had told Toby to go right to sleep so that Asher would too, but I still expected to hear a little interaction between them. I guess they were both pretty tired...and I'm glad the transition went smoothly. We hope that sharing a room will foster a deep bond between our boys!

What used to be Toby's room will now be a playroom, with less furniture and more open space to play. Yeah!
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Amy said...

Sounds like a great first night! I love having my boys share a room. Some nights it can get a little silly, but for the most part, we've worked through their "out of control" interaction, and most of the time now its just sweet. It is funny how Asher and Aidan are similar! (We have and love both those books in your picture by the way. :) And Caleb has the "My Dad is the Man" shirt Asher has also. :))