Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Party Time at Camp Bundy

Toby turned SEVEN (what? how?!), so we celebrated with an army themed party at our home.  Now that we have a backyard, we thought a bounce house would be a fun way to keep the kids entertained.  Boy did we get our money's worth!  Toby and Asher were in the bounce house before, during, and after the party until it started to get too dark.  They were two tired little soldiers the next day. 
Where do they get all the energy?  I tried it out for a few minutes and it is a workout!
The bounce house had a hoop in it, hence the balls Asher is carrying. 

I LOVE this picture!  Toby looks so happy and the kids were cute with their helmets on.
Army men decorated the cupcakes.  I put a navy ship on the cake and Tim told me I was mixing up branches.  Um...I don't think Toby cared.  :)

Pinata time!  We thought this tank pinata was pretty cool. 

Since Halloween had just passed I filled it mostly with fruit roll-ups and fruit snacks, instead of candy.  No one complained!

Who invited these yahoos?  Just kidding!  Wouldn't be a party without Deb and Andy! 

Cora made the rounds at the party!  These little green pants are the closest she had to camouflage!
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