Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Say June

Every year of my life seems to go by faster, so I can't believe June is coming to an end. Here is an update on the happenings in our lives this month.

My close friend and college roommate, Flavia, was married on June 5th, so I flew to New York, New York for her wedding. Nakeischea, my other dear college friend, was also in the wedding, so we roomed together at a hotel near Times Square. I seriously had to pinch myself that I was actually getting to go to New York, sans kids, to hang-out with girlfriends for a long weekend!
Flavia and her man at the rehearsal dinner. Bob is a great guy! I'm so happy for Flavia.

Nakeischea and I kicking it in Times Square.

The gorgeous bride!

Tim and the boys had a great time while I was gone, eating junk food, playing Star Wars, and probably watching too much TV. This sweet poster they made welcomed me back:

June 16th was Toby's graduation from Pre-K. The preschool had a short and sweet ceremony. Following are a few pictures of Toby after the event. He was pretty proud:

Pictured with his classmates from the Bear Class

I did it!

Pictured with his teachers, who are graced with much patience!

We all know that boys tend to love getting dirty, but Tim and Toby took it to the extreme. On June 20th Tim and 4 of his buddies competed in a MUD RUN. His team did well and after running up mounds of dirt and trudging through plenty of muddy mudness, they came in second place. Following the competition, Toby was allowed to do a little mud-running himself, which he thought was awesome, especially when he was awarded a medal along with his dad.

At short notice, Tim ended up having to work on Father's Day, so we were glad that we had made watching him compete in the mud run the day before a family event. Toby and Asher will tell you that there is not better daddy than theirs, and I have to agree that he is a fantastic dad and very much loved in this family.

If you look closely you will notice the gap in Toby's teeth - he lost his first tooth this month.