Friday, June 27, 2008

Hap Day to You Dee Dee!

The title is written in Asher-ese. Today is my sister, Debbie's birthday. Although we are having a BBQ in her honor on Sunday she stopped by today during the boys' dinner time and we were able to sing to her and celebrate a bit. The boys LOVE their Aunt Debbie! Oh, and they like cake their mother.

How do you like the following picture of Asher and me taken by Toby? I know that I can turn it around on the computer, but it cracked me up that he took it upside down. :)

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Too much fun!

I've been teasing Toby that a boy his age just shouldn't be having this much fun. This was his week:

MONDAY: A picnic at the park with his preschool class. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures, but he had a blast playing and eating pizza with his class, The Dinosaurs.

TUESDAY: Tuesdays are usually our family day when we do an activity all together. On this day we chose to go to the Aquarium of the Pacific. It was amazing! Toby loves to tell the story of how we saw one enormous ray in a touch pool, thinking to ourselves that it was the biggest ray we had ever seen...until we looked in to the shark tank and saw an unbelievably BIGGER ray (that I think was said to be 10 feet in diameter)! Asher loved the tanks of jellyfish...he called them "up, ups" because of the way they pumped themselves up the tank. There were a lot of other very cool creatures and things to do, but we'll have to tell you about it in person!

WEDNESDAY: Toby's preschool had a carnival day as a grand finale for the school year. The game booths were a hit with the boys. Here is Toby enjoying some popcorn with his buddy Jacob.

THURSDAY: First time bowling! We spontaneously ended up at the bowling alley Thursday morning with Toby's buddy Joseph. I can't tell you how excited Toby was to try this new sport!

FRIDAY: We invited some friends to spend the morning in the pool with us. Where else would we be on an 100 degree day? Toby loved spending time with his friends Ryan and Igy, with all the little brothers, Connor, Imani, and Asher in tow. Boys, boys, boys!

What a Dad!

There is SO MUCH I appreciate about Tim and I feel so blessed that my children have such a wonderful daddy. I have to list some of his awesome qualities:

- He does our laundry. (Enough said!)
- He plays with the boys and dedicates a lot of time to them. Even when he is tired from a long day at work, he finds reserve energy to interact with them.
- He is affectionate and loving to all of us.
- He lets this mommy get a break when she needs it!
- He makes funny faces outside the window as he is walking out to work and makes the boys roar with laughter.

We did our best to make Father's Day a special day for Tim. I'm sure he totally appreciated the boys and I waking him up with a "breakfast in bed" of cinnamon rolls and fruit. Of course, he didn't eat it in bed because who wants to try to eat precariously on a bouncy bed with two wild boys jumping around you?

After church, lunch at a yummy BBQ place and naps, we hit the pool. It was lots of fun!

The perfect ending to our day was Tim's favorite dessert: strawberry shortcake!

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

We love our dads!

My wonderful Grandpa Red passed away earlier this year, so on Father's Day I will be thinking about the special man that he was and how much he meant to our family. His hugs, deep voice, humor, and soft heart where everything a little girl could ask for in a grandpa. I know my mom will be missing her daddy too.

And I couldn't resist putting another slide show together of our dads! It is a lot of fun going through the pictures and remembering all the good times together. Tim and I feel so blessed to have godly, loving, wise dads who also make fantastic grandpas for our two boys! We gave our boys the middle names of Craig (Tobiah's) and James (Asher's) to honor the incredible role our dads have played in our lives.

And in case you think this little blogger is forgetting her husband, the daddy of her children...just know that I'm waiting to post a blurb about him after we celebrate Father's Day tomorrow.

Monday, June 2, 2008


We are back after spending two weeks in rural Minnesota! We saw a lot of open space, tractors, friends, and family.

Getting to spend a week at the Gardeens, hanging out with my friend Natasha and her kids. Tim left part of the time to attend his brother David's graduation from the Naval Academy in Annapolis (Congratulations David!!), but was back to spend Memorial Day weekend with us.

Tobiah, especially, had the time of his life playing in the Gardeen's huge back yard and tree fort with Isaiah, Elijah, and Samuel. Anna, the youngest, was Asher's favorite. Both boys also loved jumping on the trampoline!
Tash and I have been close friends since the 6th grade!

The second week we stayed at a beautiful house on Green Lake with lots of very loved relatives on Tim's side of the family, all gathered to take part in David and Kristi's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and the ring bearers (Tobiah and his cousin Liam) were especially cute. Welcome to the family Kristi!! We are so happy for you two.

To see lots more pictures from our trip, go to our web album. A lot of the pictures are from Amy's or Matt and Sara's cameras. Thanks guys! or click on the link to the right.