Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ONE and loving it!

Tim and I have found that the novelty of watching a little one learn and grow doesn't wear out!   We are starting to see Cora's personality come out more and more every day.  It is so fun getting to know the little person who is our child and it is especially neat seeing Toby and Asher enjoy Cora and the things she says and does.  We really can't believe she is ONE already!

A little bit about our girl:

Age: 1
Eyes: blue (like Daddy's)
Hair: brown (because Mommy special ordered to have a red-head, a blond, and a brunette)
Teeth: 4
Favorite booksGoodnight Gorilla and Brown Bear, Brown Bear. She is actually very choosy when it comes to books!  She makes it very clear when she doesn't want to be read a certain one by turning her body completely away while making an unhappy sound.  If she does like your choice of book, though, she happily sits back in your lap.  Can you say PARTICULAR?
Favorite food:  Right now she is eating pretty much anything I put in front of her.  Definitely growing!  She loves finger foods.
Words:  She is saying dada, uh-oh, ball, all done, right there, where go?, woof-woof, hoo-hoo (as in owl), quack-quack, and other words...but not mama.  (I'm trying not to feel bitter...)

This pink car was one of her birthday presents.  Now she has her own set of wheels to cruise around in while her big brothers ride their bikes and scooters around our street!

We had a fun little celebration for her with family and close neighbors.  She and that cupcake are pretty SWEET!