Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sequence of Events and The Baylie Bear Cowl

Oh HI!  I forgot I had a blog!

So here is a little (life changing) sequence of events:

1. Last March my sister and I flew to Ecuador to be with my parents for 12 days.  My dad had been diagnosed with cancer in January of that year, 2012.  A year I will never forget.

2. I like projects, so I decided to learn to crochet on that trip.  I was inspired by my sister-in-law, Kristi, who does beautiful crochet creations.  After learning a few things about crochet and making a few scarves, I didn't think much about crochet after returning from Ecuador.

3. My dad passed away in July of 2012.  I miss him so much.

4. When the weather began to cool here in Southern California (yes, we do we get a few chilly days a year here), I picked up crochet again.  And couldn't stop.

5. Tim, the wonderful man that I married, bought me my very first DSLR for Christmas.

6. And so here I am to share some pictures of a picture shoot of my latest crochet project, sweetly modeled by my little girl who was promised a lollipop for posing.  I am definitely a beginner at both crochet and photography, but you have to start somewhere.

The pattern for this hood is called the Baylie Bear Cowl by The Velvet Acorn.  I purchased the pattern on Etsy.

Cora had fun pretending she was a little bear cub.  I had fun playing with my camera and thinking about how much my dad would have enjoyed seeing these pictures.