Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Kindergartener and a Preschooler!

The first day of school fell on the same date for both Toby and Asher, and today was the BIG DAY. Toby, especially, has been looking forward to starting kindergarten for a long time. He was ready! After milling about his new classroom for awhile, he finally asked me, "Mom, when are you leaving?" I could tell he was waiting for kindergarten to really begin. He had a great day and we are very proud of him!

Asher has tagged along to either drop off or pick up Toby from preschool for the last few years, so it was neat to see him finally get to stay and play himself. One of my favorite things has been hearing Toby, the expert on his old preschool, give Asher to make sure to be first to get the blue shovel in the sand yard. Really important stuff.

Asher also had a great day. I expected him to be quite tired, and maybe quite cranky, after his exciting morning, but he was happy as can be, even singing a little song he had been taught. Such a big boy.

How did they get so big?

What happened to August?

I usually try to get in at least one or two blog posts per month, but August kind of slipped by me. We did have a fun month, though! Here are some of the highlights:

We fit in several visits to the local children's museum, called Kid's Space, including this fun visit with friends:

Nana & Papa, and Uncle David & Auntie Kristi visited! The pictures below are from our day at the arboretum. We all loved having so much family around!

Aunt Debbie took a day off from work to hang-out with her nephews. We went to the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. In the summer the museum has a butterfly pavilion, which we visited first. Butterflies of every color - it was amazing. Indoors, it was dinosaurs!

Unfortunately the very end of our summer, the last few weeks, were spent mostly indoors due to wildfires in the foothills near us. The smoke and ash made it unhealthy to be outside. But that only made us more ready for the fall routine to set in.

Time for school!