Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Everything Superhero!

Asher is definitely exerting his power to make his own decisions, to be very particular about how things are done, to be stubborn, and independent. I can't say that I always keep my patience. A lot of his behavior is really, in fact, driving me CRAZY, but there is a cute side to it all.

For example, after a shower, even after he is in his pajamas, he likes to keep his hooded towel on his head and pretend it is a cape. He then turns in to his alter ego: EVERYTHING SUPERHERO! His motto is (and Asher proclaims it in a very serious, superhero-like voice), "I'm strong, I'm mighty and I can do EVERYTHING by myself!!"

It doesn't matter that his hooded towel has bunny ears on the hood and doesn't give the impression of a tough superhero. To him it is a mark of his incredible power to have things HIS WAY.

I can't really blame him for wanting to have control. Although he is not completely aware of all the changes to come, he is going to very soon have a baby sister and our family moving to a new house. The transitions will be a lot for the little guy to manage. We may be in for even more power struggles with Asher, when the world as he knows it begins to fall apart. Maybe I'll just keep his hooded towel handy so he can be reminded that Everything Superhero rules the world!

You gotta love three-year-olds. I sure love my resident Everything Superhero.