Friday, March 26, 2010


Our baby girl, Cora Marydith Bundy, arrived via scheduled C-section on March 18th, weighing 6 pounds, 3 ounces. We couldn't be happier. She is sweet as sweet can be. We are smitten.

We named her Cora, which means "girl" or "maiden". We also saw the word "heart" as one of the meanings for her name. To us she is, "the little girl who filled our hearts." Cora is also a nice combination of Tim's parents' names: Craig and Mora. (We can't wait for them to meet her! When are you coming????)

Marydith is my grandma's name on my dad's side. Mary is also my mom's name, so Cora's middle name is a tribute to my parents and my grandma. I can't describe what my grandma means to me. Every year, for twenty years, she made the long trip down to Guatemala or Ecuador to visit our family. I also lived with her for several summers during high school and college. Her home was a welcoming and comforting place for me when I was homesick, especially when I first moved back from Ecuador. My grandma has advanced Alzheimer's now and doesn't recognize us, but my mind is still filled with memories of the person she was, her funny sayings, and her warmth.

Doting on her, the boys are delighted with their sister. They often ask to hold her. Toby will stop every once in awhile and pat her head and Asher talks to her in a tender voice. They have both expressed to us many times how much they love her. Our family feels more complete with Cora here. We are so thankful.
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Friday, March 12, 2010

New House, New School, and Soon a New Baby

Just had to document on my blog that we officially moved in to our new house on March 7th, 2010. We are excited that we were able to pull off the move before the arrival of our baby girl. Kristi Bundy, my incredible sister-in-law, was here helping us through the packing and move. She has a gift for organization and we just couldn't of done it without her...or at least we couldn't of done it as efficiently as we did with her awesome help!

My C-section is scheduled for this Thursday, the 18th! We are looking forward to meeting the little maiden who is going to help her mommy bring some balance to this male dominated household.

Toby had his second "First Day of Kindergarten" on Wednesday as we switched him to a school in our new community. He seems to be adjusting quickly to his new school and friends. His favorite recess pastime? Playing chase the girls. Except I hear sometimes the girls chase the boys at this new school. Good for them!!

Asher is hanging in there through all the transition. He is proud to be three-and-a-half. We celebrated his half birthday back in January, but I didn't get a chance to post a picture, so here it is:

Speaking of birthdays, Tim turns 34 tomorrow! Happy Birthday to the man of life! He is an incredible husband and daddy. He is the center of our family and we can all be pretty demanding of his time. I loved watching him play soccer outside with the boys this week in our new backyard. I feel so privileged to be Tim's wife and to be able to have a family and "do life" with him.