Friday, October 31, 2008

Nana and Papa's Visit

We had a great visit from Craig and Mora in September that I want to mention before updating the blog on all our October activities. The boys' Nana and Papa spoiled them with lots of love and attention, and gifts - a late birthday present for Asher (a very cool racetrack!) and a contribution to an early present for Toby (a bicycle!). They also allowed Tim and I to go away for a night to relax and enjoy 24 hours sans kids - that was an early birthday present for me!

Toby on his new bike!

While they were here it was fun to go with them to our family's favorite restaurant: Islands! The kids love the tropical atmosphere and surfing videos they play and we all love the food. We are there enough that one of the waitresses, named Debbie, knows us! We try to request her as our server when we are there.

Mora planned some fun activities for the kids and Craig kept busy fixing things around the house and with Tim's truck. They hardly sat still while they were here!
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Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy 65th Birthday Dad!

My dad happens to be in Brazil today, on his birthday. We were thinking about him and celebrating his life, which in turn gave me life, and now Tim and I have two boys to show for it! Speaking of those two boys, here they are below sending Grandpa their birthday wishes. Asher was a bit camera shy. We love you dad!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Proud Moment

It really made me smile today when Toby said to Asher, "Race ya!" as they ran down the hall in to the playroom. The best part was that Toby (who is very competitive and hates to lose) let Asher get there first saying, "You won!"

Goodbye Paci

Asher has officially sworn off pacifier use! (It's bittersweet.) I had cut a small piece off of one pacifier and, as it turned out, the other one got wedged between the crib and mattress and it took us a whole day to find it. So we told Asher that one pacifier was broken and that the other was lost (because it was - he just doesn't know that we eventually found it!) There were a couple rough spots of grieving for him - one bedtime and one nap time in particular - but all in all he was a trooper and dealt with the loss well. This is amazing considering how much he loved his pacis. Today - day 4 - he napped and went down for the night with no issues, except that he is a bit more wound up while before the pacifier used to calm him right down. (I miss that.)

He did bring up the subject once today:

Asher: "Mommy, one paci broke and one paci lost?"
Me: "Yes, one paci broke and one was lost."
Asher: "Oh."