Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Veggie Tales

(Tobiah at 8 months)

Toby is a complete non-vegetable eater. Getting him to at least TRY the itty-bitty serving of vegetable on his plate is a battle. We've praised him, rewarded him, taken away dessert, made his veggies in to cute designs, tried to made it a competition between he and Asher...and made zero progress. Vegetables make him gag.

Last week we had frozen pizza for dinner one night. Although I did embellish half of it with olives and peppers for the grown-ups, the kids just had peperoni. We had a very PLEASANT family dinner! The next night I wanted to make up for pizza night and made a delicious (at least I thought so!) stew full of fresh vegetables and nutritious delights (wild rice). The boys completely turned their noses up at it and we proceeded to have a very UNPLEASANT meal.

Since then Tim has been pleading with me to please keep dinners simple because he doesn't want any "drama". But I want to feed my family well, with pizza nights being occasional, not the norm. So, at Costco on Monday I picked up the book, "The Sneaky Chef". I shopped for my ingredients and today I made Orange Puree out of carrots and yams.

Toby's favorite meal right now, besides a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, is chili. He likes it over rice, with cheese sprinkled on top and a dollop of sour cream. He BEGS me to make it for him. Tonight when he saw what was for dinner he said, "Yes!" and gave me a high five. The chili already has tomatoes and two types of beans in it, but tonight I stirred in a generous portion of Orange Puree and he still ate the whole bowl! Asher also gobbled it up. Success!

I can't wait to try adding the Green Puree (spinach, broccoli, peas) to meatloaf! :)
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The Edwards Family said...

This picture of Toby cracks me up. You can see in his face that he was born to gag over veggies! They are just NOT his thing! I think the tricks that you are up to are going to pay off. Can't wait to find out how the green one went!

The Stiles Family said...

Can you send me your chili recipe that Tobiah will eat. Maybe I can get Harrison to eat some. I am beginning to dread meal times because I can't get him to eat things. It is so hard when you want to feed your kids well and they don't want that:)

Weston said...

So encouraging to hear that we are not the only ones battling this! And its especially encouraging since I remember that you and Tim are good eaters, whereas we're not. We try and try with Caleb also... Aidan actually does pretty well. He'd even prefer fruit over chocolate most days. But Caleb... he's got the gag reflex thing going on also, and will just throw up.

Weston said...

That last post was from me, Amy... just realized I was logged in as Weston... Sorry, :)