Friday, March 14, 2008


These are our boys, Asher and Tobiah, caught in a sweet moment of brotherly love...and this is MY FIRST BLOG POST EVER!

Every time I talk to my dad on the phone he asks, "What cute things have the boys said/done lately?" and I have to rack my brain to remember the last funny antics that occurred in our home. Keeping a blog will give me a place to put those great moments in to writing and make them easier to share with (interested) family and friends. Writing about my kids will also help me to hold on to the precious times with them, since they are definitely growing up too fast.

Here is one of the latest stories: Toby saw a large US Postal Service truck with the eagle logo on the side and exclaimed, "Mom, did you know that that truck carries bald eagles? It is full of bald eagles inside! Isn't that cool?!" That cracked me up.

He also came to me for some sympathy one day saying, "Mom, at preschool the girls picked Scotty to play with instead of me!" I asked him if that made him feel sad on the inside and he replied, "No, we were outside!"

Currently, Tobiah is 4 years old and Asher is 19 months. Tim just turned 32 yesterday, so he is now caught up to me since I am 5 months his senior! We had a party for him Wednesday night with my sister Debbie over. When we got to opening presents, Tim said, "YES!" with excitement. Asher picked up on that right away, threw his hand in the air and also said, "YES!" He continued to do it several times because we were encouraging it. It was very cute!

Toby was recently invited to check out a friend's karate class, in which the kids are loudly taught to say, "Yes Sensei!" to every command they are given by their teachers. We tried to incorporate that in to our family life by encouraging Toby to say, "Yes, Mom!" and "Yes, Dad!" when we ask him to do something. He gets a lot of praise for using this response. It is really music to our ears instead of the other whiny responses we might get! But the great thing about it is that Asher has started to echo Toby with a "Yes, Mama!", "Yes, Dada!" - we eat it up!
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