Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

Easter was very eventful for us! To see all the pictures you will have to go to our web album. The link is to the right.

On Saturday morning we decided to try out the Arboretum's annual egg hunt. It was crowded, but still very fun for the kids We met up with some friends there and afterwards the kids had a great time exploring and climbing trees.

On Sunday morning we left for church extra early. We had to park at a nearby mall and take a shuttle to the church! They had 4 services in total over the weekend at two different locations. There were special programs for the kids. Tobiah went on and on afterwards about how much fun he had! They had bubble making, cotton candy and popcorn, crafts, worship, a skit. Toby said it was the best time he has ever had at church!

The fun continued when we got home and I had special Easter buckets full of surprises for the boys.

In the afternoon we drove down to Orange County to meet up with the Stiles clan (Tim's great-uncle and cousins). We walked to the park and set up an egg hunt for the kids, which there were a lot of. ( Toby had a great time getting to know his "cousins"!) Asher loved picking up eggs and putting them in his bucket. When it was all over he wanted to take all his eggs out and start over! Toby raced around and even helped Asher add eggs to his bucket. After some play time at the park we returned to the Stiles for a wonderful meal.

On the way home we talked about all the fun we had and Toby brought up the park where he had been, saying, "I had never been to that park before. I guess I haven't been to ALL the parks in the world...YET!"


Weston said...

Oh, I am so glad you joined the world of blogging! It can be challenging to keep up sometimes, but such a GREAT way to keep others up-to-date, esp. when you are far from family and friends. I am excited to read more about how you guys are doing! I've added it to my "blog site list" to check regularly.
I still think of you often and am thankful for the time God placed you in my life!
Toby and Asher are SO handsome!!! Amy

KC said...

love the new blog! what great kiddos you have - so sweet and so big! i cannot believe asher is almost 2!!

i'll call soon so we can catch up!

love to all the bundys!