Thursday, March 27, 2008

Super Big Boy!

I can't believe how SUPER BIG Asher is getting! It is fun watching him try to keep up with his big brother. We were at Toby's gymnastics class this afternoon. When class had ended and I finally let Asher play on the mats he copied a lot of the same things he had seen his brother do, even sitting in the same spot where the kids sit to listen to the instructor! It was precious.

After the class, I let the boys run around the park with a few other children. Asher was working so hard to keep up with the group! He is getting more and more active and doing a lot of running, climbing, kicking and jumping.

Another day at the park I put Asher on the swings and I noticed him start to pump his legs back and forth, just as he sees big brother do when he is on the swings! It really made me smile!

Toby and Asher play together quite a bit now. I don't know what it is, but after dinner is their silly, hyper, run-around-the-house-being-loud time. It is amusing to watch them have such a great time together and do so much laughing, but I'm also on pins and needles hoping one of them isn't going to get hurt!

Something cute Asher did:

Toby was upstairs in his room counting the coins in his money bank. He yelled downstairs to where I was playing with Asher saying, "Mom, I think I have enough money to buy an ice-cream!" All Asher heard was "ice-cream". He threw his arms in the air and exclaimed, "Yeah!" and took off running to his high-chair expecting me to serve up his ice-cream on the spot! :)
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Cali B's said...

This is a great post. I love to see my little ones play together. And after dinner, our house is the same as yours....CRAZY!! But good crazy, and I have the same worries about them getting hurt.

I love the pics!!

The Stiles Family said...

It is so fun to watch them do new things as they start to understand. It is AMAZING.

Asher and Toby are so lucky to have Tim and you.