Friday, August 12, 2011

iPhone Pics and the Random

I take a lot of pictures with my iPhone.  It is SO handy, even if the quality of the photos isn't all that.  Mostly I take pictures of my kids, but often I take pictures of random things too.  Here are a few from this week (I played with the photos a bit using an app called Camera Plus):

Asher was promised that if he swam across of the width of the pool this summer, we would take him out for ice cream.  Well, he did it!  Hence, the DQ ice-cream cone and BIG smile.

Toby enjoyed a cone too, of course!  He deserved it just as much for passing every aspect of his swim lessons this summer, learning difficult strokes and really improving his swimming all around.  His sessions were quite a workout!

The boys put this bandana on Cora and we all thought it was cute.  She looks like a cross between an aerobic instructor from the 80s and a pirate.  Argh!  (She cut her toe when playing with the sliding closet doors in her room.  I had to bandage her toe to keep it from bleeding every time she bumped it in to things.)

These are the jars I am saving up for this project.  Debbie is coming over tomorrow so we can have a craft day!  Can't wait!  It is our goal to try to get together to craft once a month.

To make my lunch a little more appetizing I took the leftovers of the kids' mac n' cheese, added  frozen peas and fresh cherry tomatoes and basil from the garden.  Pretty good (...for mac n' cheese, anyway)!

Cora and I enjoy sitting on the front stoop together.  It is shady, a nice breeze travels through, and we can watch for butterflies and enjoy the fresh air.  Not sure how the plants by our front entry became such a lush jungle, but I kind of like it!

This footprint was left on the stoop by the painters before we moved in to our house a year and a half ago.  It has been on my to-do list forever to remove it.  I even bought the right stuff at the store.  When will I ever get to it?  Nobody knows....

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Amy said...

Cora's hair looks as red as Toby's in that pic of her on the stairs! I've never seen it look that red!

I have those faux blue ball jars on my to do list too! I wish I were closer to come craft with you and Debbie.

David and Kristi said...

Love seeing the pictures. Make sure to put pictures of your crafts up on the blog!

Anonymous said...

What are you going to do with the jars? I love all your pictures! Wish I could come and sit on the front porch with you and Cora. She looks pretty cute with the scarf around her head! Asher swims all the way across the pool now?! The ice cream looks good on both of the boys! Love, A. Dianne

Anonymous said...

Congrats for the great swimming accomplishments to both Asher and Toby. I might even try swimming across the pool for an ice cream! Poor Cora and her toe...that would hurt! LOVE seeing all the pictures. I after picture of the crafts would be great. Love, Mom/Mora/Nana

Katie and the Fam said...

Looking forward to see what you do with those jars. :) I wanna craft with you!