Monday, August 8, 2011

And then he was FIVE...

What a fun day we had celebrarting Asher's fifth birthday! The night before the big day, Tim had taped balloons all around Asher's bunk so he could "see" his birthday when he woke up. That was followed with donuts for breakfast. Although unusual, the boys didn't think much of it when we suggested going outside to ride bikes right after breakfast. Asher quickly climbed on his too small, hand-me-down bike and was getting ready to ride when we pointed out to him that it really was WAY TO SMALL for a five-year-old. That's when Tim opened the trunk of the car and pulled out a brand-spanking-new bicycle. Asher was pretty much speechless.

The fun continued later when Asher opened his gift from Toby, which was definitely one of those times when the gift giver had himself in mind when shopping. He bought Asher super soakers and the next activity quickly turned in to a water fight with daddy. 

That afternoon we had a small party with neighborhood friends at a local soccer center.  They provided a "coach" to do soccer activities with the kids.  It was a hot day, so the kids' energy faded quickly, but they had a great time and were definitely excited about the refreshments. 


Little sister enjoyed the party too.

Cora featuring a romper Auntie Debbie bought for her and hand-me-down shoes from cousin Bella.

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Andy Dave said...

Yes! First comment!

I love how bright red Asher is in that soccer picture. Your kids are too cute to handle. Your house is like an explosion of cuteness.

Christmas seems like way too long to wait before I see you guys. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

What a fun birthday for Asher!!!! He looks so cute on his new bike!!! And very happy! Happy Birthday, Asher!
I love the picture of the kids with Tim and the water soakers!!!! Cora looked like she was joining right in with all the fun! Were you soaked Susie? Your brother is right!!! Very cute kids!!!!Thanks for the great pictures!!! We are sure enjoying having Craig here! Hugs , A. Dianne

La Familia Lunde said...

I can't believe Asher is FIVE!!! Happy Birthday big guy! Looks like you guys had a great day. Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Fun to see the pictures. Grandpa and Grandma Matheson are having fun looking at them too. Sounds like a great birthday celebration!! Wish we could have been there....not to get soaked though! Love, Mom/Mora/Nana

Amy said...

Asher is TOTALLY an all-star!! I bet it was SO. FUN. to surprise him like that with the new bike. What a great birthday surprise!

David and Kristi said...

I wish I could have been there to see his face when you took the bike out of the trunk!! He looked pretty excited in the picture. It is crazy how fast time flies. There is no way Asher should be five yet! Give him a big hug for us and we love you guys tons!