Friday, June 20, 2008

What a Dad!

There is SO MUCH I appreciate about Tim and I feel so blessed that my children have such a wonderful daddy. I have to list some of his awesome qualities:

- He does our laundry. (Enough said!)
- He plays with the boys and dedicates a lot of time to them. Even when he is tired from a long day at work, he finds reserve energy to interact with them.
- He is affectionate and loving to all of us.
- He lets this mommy get a break when she needs it!
- He makes funny faces outside the window as he is walking out to work and makes the boys roar with laughter.

We did our best to make Father's Day a special day for Tim. I'm sure he totally appreciated the boys and I waking him up with a "breakfast in bed" of cinnamon rolls and fruit. Of course, he didn't eat it in bed because who wants to try to eat precariously on a bouncy bed with two wild boys jumping around you?

After church, lunch at a yummy BBQ place and naps, we hit the pool. It was lots of fun!

The perfect ending to our day was Tim's favorite dessert: strawberry shortcake!

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The Stiles Family said...

Happy Father's Day Tim. The boys are so lucky to have you in their lives.