Saturday, June 14, 2008

We love our dads!

My wonderful Grandpa Red passed away earlier this year, so on Father's Day I will be thinking about the special man that he was and how much he meant to our family. His hugs, deep voice, humor, and soft heart where everything a little girl could ask for in a grandpa. I know my mom will be missing her daddy too.

And I couldn't resist putting another slide show together of our dads! It is a lot of fun going through the pictures and remembering all the good times together. Tim and I feel so blessed to have godly, loving, wise dads who also make fantastic grandpas for our two boys! We gave our boys the middle names of Craig (Tobiah's) and James (Asher's) to honor the incredible role our dads have played in our lives.

And in case you think this little blogger is forgetting her husband, the daddy of her children...just know that I'm waiting to post a blurb about him after we celebrate Father's Day tomorrow.

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Andrew said...

I love how Dad had a different Hawaiian shirt in each picture. Really shows the range of his style... :)