Friday, June 20, 2008

Too much fun!

I've been teasing Toby that a boy his age just shouldn't be having this much fun. This was his week:

MONDAY: A picnic at the park with his preschool class. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures, but he had a blast playing and eating pizza with his class, The Dinosaurs.

TUESDAY: Tuesdays are usually our family day when we do an activity all together. On this day we chose to go to the Aquarium of the Pacific. It was amazing! Toby loves to tell the story of how we saw one enormous ray in a touch pool, thinking to ourselves that it was the biggest ray we had ever seen...until we looked in to the shark tank and saw an unbelievably BIGGER ray (that I think was said to be 10 feet in diameter)! Asher loved the tanks of jellyfish...he called them "up, ups" because of the way they pumped themselves up the tank. There were a lot of other very cool creatures and things to do, but we'll have to tell you about it in person!

WEDNESDAY: Toby's preschool had a carnival day as a grand finale for the school year. The game booths were a hit with the boys. Here is Toby enjoying some popcorn with his buddy Jacob.

THURSDAY: First time bowling! We spontaneously ended up at the bowling alley Thursday morning with Toby's buddy Joseph. I can't tell you how excited Toby was to try this new sport!

FRIDAY: We invited some friends to spend the morning in the pool with us. Where else would we be on an 100 degree day? Toby loved spending time with his friends Ryan and Igy, with all the little brothers, Connor, Imani, and Asher in tow. Boys, boys, boys!


The Stiles Family said...

Toby has a better social life than I do:)

The boys are getting so big. I love the idea that you have family day. It is so important in our hectic lives. Hopefully, the boys will carry this tradition on when they have a family:)

Andrew said...

I agree with the Stiles. I wish my weeks were like that. That's about what I get done in 2 months worth of fun stuff. Lucky boys! Hopefully in New York we can try to get that much fun stuff done. Love you guys!