Friday, May 9, 2008

Parenting is a Hazard!

Toby and I were looking at some pictures of children from Peru in a World Vision magazine. We decided to take out our big atlas so that I could show him where Peru was located. We were laying on our tummies, looking at the atlas, when Toby eagerly turned to the next map and the corner of the pages hit me right in the eye! It hurt, but since I was busy with the kids I wasn't able to do much about it until Tim got home a few hours later. By that point I realized that my vision was blurry in my right eye - the injured one. So, after talking to a nurse on the phone, I decided to go to urgent care, where the doctor discovered that sure enough, I had a hairline abrasion across my retina!

The kids were already in bed when I came home, so Toby didn't get to see me looking like a pirate with one eye patched. I wore the patch all night and went to see the opthamologist this morning. Thankfully, the abrasion had already healed so well overnight he didn't think any more medicating or patching was necessary. Phew!

Tim and I had to laugh. He broke his toe running around the house with Toby and I injured my eye looking at a book with him. When he is older we'll tease Toby that being his parent was hazardous to our health!

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The Stiles Family said...

I am so glad you are okay and it wasn't too serious. The eye area is so sensitive and scary when you aren't sure what is wrong.

I am enjoying your blog very much. I love reading the stories. I am learning what I get to look forward to.