Saturday, November 1, 2008

October Recap

October 1 Tim broke his thumb. I guess he wanted to have something scary looking to flash about for Halloween. He had surgery on it on October 10 and the cast the doctor put on made him look like he was missing a fingers! He was happy when he got the cast off on October 29 and is pleased with his cool scar. (Sorry the pictures aren't better.)

Tim, Debbie, and the boys spoiled me on my birthday with dinner, cake and gifts. Tim had his surgery earlier that day, but he was still able to participate in the celebrating.

Silly Shot - Asher is copying what Debbie is telling him to do. :)

October 19-21 Sara and Matt visited! We were thrilled to have them down here from Vernon, BC and to get them all to ourselves for a few fun days!

At the Arboretum.

And, of course, Toby was SUPER EXCITED about Halloween. Super Man + Peter Pan = Super Pan!
Showing his powerful muscles!

To see more pictures of the kids enjoying Fall activities visit our web album: or click on "WEB ALBUM" to the right.


Deborah said...

you're boys are so cute!!! i love your blog. you are an amazing blogger. the video for dad was so cute

Amy said...

Tim's thumb... Ewwwwww!!

Toby and Asher... SO cute! You should print out pictures of each of the boys in their Superman pics (Toby last year) and hang them in their room.