Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Toby has had a blast playing AYSO soccer (American Youth Soccer Organization?) this Fall! Although the games and practices are not highly structured for this age group, they do scrimmage against another team every week. There is the typical amusement of watching young kids play the sport: stealing the ball from their own teammates, falling dramatically in to the goal after scoring (just for the fun of it), easily distracted by other things while the ball is rolling right past them...there have been a lot of shared laughs among the parents.

It has been fun watching Toby make new friends, learn new skills, score goals, celebrate, and enjoy himself so much. We are proud of our little soccer star!

All the kids received trophies, which was SO SUPER, DUPER exciting for Toby. He talked about it constantly for a couple days.


Mathew and Sara said...

Little soccer stud. :) Looks like he has a great time!

Amy said...

Hey Suzie, the first four pics of this post don't show up for me... anyone else?? I wanna see!

SUSANNA said...

Not sure what happened to my pictures...I just uploaded them again. Thanks Amy!

Amy said...

I can see them now! He looks like he's having so much fun and is so proud of himself.

He looks great in yellow!