Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Goodbye Paci

Asher has officially sworn off pacifier use! (It's bittersweet.) I had cut a small piece off of one pacifier and, as it turned out, the other one got wedged between the crib and mattress and it took us a whole day to find it. So we told Asher that one pacifier was broken and that the other was lost (because it was - he just doesn't know that we eventually found it!) There were a couple rough spots of grieving for him - one bedtime and one nap time in particular - but all in all he was a trooper and dealt with the loss well. This is amazing considering how much he loved his pacis. Today - day 4 - he napped and went down for the night with no issues, except that he is a bit more wound up while before the pacifier used to calm him right down. (I miss that.)

He did bring up the subject once today:

Asher: "Mommy, one paci broke and one paci lost?"
Me: "Yes, one paci broke and one was lost."
Asher: "Oh."


The 5 Smokers said...

I'm so jealous! Rhea (4) still has her's. Now, I took the boys' away early, but maybe because this is my baby, I don't have it in me? And I'm too tired to fight! She only has it at night, but stil... She says she'll give it to me when she's 48!

Jenn said...

Wow, so impressed... I am dreading taking it away from Ben, but I suppose that is laziness on my part. Glad to hear it has gone relatively smoothly... You are the woman!