Saturday, September 27, 2008


Asher is SO cute these days, as he is talking more and more. His body language and two-year-old way of speaking keep us smiling all day. I had to hold him longer and give him an extra squeeze before putting him down for his nap today because there is no doubt that my baby is on his way to becoming a big boy.

That said, he has some major transitions coming up soon: saying goodbye to pacifier use, moving to a big boy bed, and potty training.

So we are tackling the first hurdle. He is still using a pacifier to sleep. He likes one in his mouth and holds one in his hand. These two remaining beloved pacis are getting grungy and I don't think we will buy him new ones. We are pretty confident he can get to sleep without them and this is a good time to wean him off of them since he is healthy, happy, not teething, and we are not traveling or hosting company or any of the other excuses we've used to let him keep using them this long. So...I cut a small hole in one of the pacifiers, which renders it useless and tomorrow night I will do the same to the other.

He was pretty concerned about the hole in his pacifier, and I was very sympathic. We bemoaned the fate of his dear object. He still held on to it when I put him down for the night, but I don't think he'll put it in his mouth. I'll let you know how tomorrow night goes...


Andy Dave said...

Aww man. These boys just grow up way too quick... I miss they (and you) sooo much!

Mathew and Sara said...

So cute! I can't believe how fast they're growing up... can't wait to see them again in a few weeks!