Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life with Three

A common conversation that I have with other moms is discussing which is more challenging, going from one child to two, or going from two to three. My response? Going from one to two was MUCH HARDER than going from two to three. Cora is a very easy baby, so that is part of it...and having two older children that can keep each other entertained is a major plus, but it is also about my attitude and the experience I've gained. It amazes to see how much my children have grown and changed over the years, but I'm also amazed at how I've grown and how much they have changed me.

Friday is Toby's last day of Kindergarten. I find it hard to believe that I will be the mom of a first grader! His teacher, Mrs. White, who he had for the majority of the year and is a phenomenal educator, advised us to encourage our kids to write often, but not to correct their spelling. I love reading Toby's writing and I have been wanting to include some excerpts on my blog. It isn't quite as cute when you can't see it in his own handwriting, but here it is just the same:

The ocean is very big. The ocean haev abowt amileyin difit cins of animls. The pusific ocean is the bigis ocean in the world. The bigis animl is a blou wayl.

I've lost five tethe. I sartid baseball. I love animls. I like socer. My favrit sesin is sumer. I am six years old. I haev dogs thet come to my yard behid the fens.

One day he asked if I could text daddy this message:
Dere Dad will you git me a dog on yor waye home from werc?

We have been so delighted to watch Asher in his new role as big brother. He is so tender and sweet with Cora and already protective of her. He loves to learn and completes pages in a workbook while Toby does his homework. In fact, he seems to like "homework time" much more than Toby does. Hope it lasts!

What can we say about Cora? She's perfect! She is almost 12 weeks old and is weighing 9 pounds, 8 ounces. She is small, but very healthy and happy. She is generous with her smiles and loves "face time", interacting with anyone who would care to have a little chat with her. She is the sugar coating that makes our lives extra sweet.

One thing that makes a mommy's heart glad is to watch her children interacting together (in a loving, peaceful way...the sibling rivalry type of interaction drive me nuts!). Here are a few pictures I took of the kids spending some precious time together:

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Amy said...

This was such a fun post to read (*cough*finally*coughcough*)!

I loved Toby's writing! You should scan or just take a picture of the actual paper. I have a pile of stuff of Liam and Simon's that I'm meaning to do that with.

Simon (mostly) loves school too. I let him pick when/what he does, but he's normally really into it. He loves doing Liam's french workbooks with him and I do "How to Teach a Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" with him now. He can read simple words already and would do that book every day... if I had the time/patience for it.

Thank you for some new pictures of Cora! How I wish I could get down there! I'm sure by the time I left she'd scream any time you pointed something big and black in her direction, but I'd get my fix of photographing a baby girl!

Miss you guys!

David and Kristi said...

I cannot begin to say how much I miss you guys! Even in just the couple weeks that we have been gone the kids have grown up so much!
I know that mom and dad are just going to eat us the time they get to spend with you guys.
So are you going to get a dog? :)
Loved seeing his writing again. I think he wrote one of them when we were there. Think it was the day Tim decided to ride bikes with Toby back from school and had to carry a black suitcase with him. HAHAH!
Love to all and sending hugs!

Sara said...

So fun to see some new pictures of Cora (she looks so much "older" already!) and of the three of them spending time together! Miss you guys!

Andy Dave said...

Ok, first, Amy is right on. Its about freaking time. I almost forgot you even had a blog!

But enough of the guilt trip, your kiddos are amazing. I get so sad to think that I only get to see them a couple of times a year. And each time there are leaps and bounds beyond the last time I saw them.

Susie, get a cheap scanner and get some of Toby's writing and drawing on here. Who needs to post stuff on a fridge when you got a blog, right?

Gosh, my Nephew is a First Grader. Weird. I'm so proud of him, and Asher in his new "big Brother" role. I wish Cora could be generous with her smiles towards me... I guess I'll have to wait till next month.

I love and miss all 5 of you so much!

Anonymous said...

The new pictures are SO SWEET!! Thank you, Susie, for putting Toby's writing on the blog___after this, you will be able to read anyone's writing. Amy is right, if you had a scanner, you would figure out how to put the actual print on. Cora is adorable and you can tell how Asher and Toby love her in those pictures!!!! How does Asher feel about the dogs? Tell Toby he can come and visit Dusty anytime and sounds like the neighbor dogs are a good substitute until it is the right time. Enjoy your time with Craig and Mora! Love, A. Dianne