Friday, March 12, 2010

New House, New School, and Soon a New Baby

Just had to document on my blog that we officially moved in to our new house on March 7th, 2010. We are excited that we were able to pull off the move before the arrival of our baby girl. Kristi Bundy, my incredible sister-in-law, was here helping us through the packing and move. She has a gift for organization and we just couldn't of done it without her...or at least we couldn't of done it as efficiently as we did with her awesome help!

My C-section is scheduled for this Thursday, the 18th! We are looking forward to meeting the little maiden who is going to help her mommy bring some balance to this male dominated household.

Toby had his second "First Day of Kindergarten" on Wednesday as we switched him to a school in our new community. He seems to be adjusting quickly to his new school and friends. His favorite recess pastime? Playing chase the girls. Except I hear sometimes the girls chase the boys at this new school. Good for them!!

Asher is hanging in there through all the transition. He is proud to be three-and-a-half. We celebrated his half birthday back in January, but I didn't get a chance to post a picture, so here it is:

Speaking of birthdays, Tim turns 34 tomorrow! Happy Birthday to the man of life! He is an incredible husband and daddy. He is the center of our family and we can all be pretty demanding of his time. I loved watching him play soccer outside with the boys this week in our new backyard. I feel so privileged to be Tim's wife and to be able to have a family and "do life" with him.


Amy said...

THIS THURSDAY?!? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm going to have to sit on my hands to not go looking for cheap flights to LA!

(Las Vegas seems to be way cheaper though... how far a drive is it? Just, um, out of curiosity...)

Amy said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Tim! Is there any way we can call you guys??

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tim!!!! I always know your age, because one of your first weddings, was ours! You were very small (3 months) so I know there is no memory of that day!!!! We love you and can hardly wait to meet this new little member of your family! Will she be a soccer player or a dancer??? Time will tell!!!! Happy Birthday to one of my three favorite nephews!!!! Hugs! A. Dianne and U. Duane

Anonymous said...

Susanna!!! So excited to meet your little gal!! How is life in your new home? So glad Toby and Asher are making their adjustments and that Kristi was able to be there with you for the move!!! I believe your parents may be there now? Thinking of you --we will be anxiously waiting to hear how everyone is on Thursday!!!! Hugs, A. Dianne

Sara said...

I bet it's nice to have the actual move part done. Are you almost done unpacking?? Can't wait to see pictures of the new house!! (hint hint). Only 5 more days until the new little lady makes her debut! I wish we were closer and could be there to welcome her. Happy Birthday Tim!

David and Kristi said...

(Sorry it took me a couple days to realize you put up a post. Crazy busy around here...but I have almost all the planning done!) Love the pictures. I was afraid with how hard we all were working that the pictures would look like we were dying. :) I had so much fun! Miss you guys to death and cannot wait to see you guys next month. Too, long!!!! Praying that your mom gets in safely today. Praying that God wraps His arms around all of you and keeps you safe and peaceful. Praying that God will guide the hands of the doctors, nurses, and any other person that comes into your life. Make sure they treat you right or I will fly down sooner. :) Love you tons!!!!