Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Cuties

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Andy Dave said...

Best looking Luke/Football players I know.

Amy said...

Two posts in two day! Blow me over!!

Andrew, Liam would like to point out the inaccuracies in your calling Toby's costume a Luke costume. He says it's an X-wing pilot costume, but not Luke "because Luke has red Republic symbols on his helmet and (blahblahblah) stripes and jumpsuit (blahblahblah) and (blahblahblah), right mom?"

Huh? Sorry Liam, I must've blacked out when you started talking about Star Wars.

Either way, they were both VERRRRRRY cute.

(Happy to see them in some different clothes.)

Anonymous said...

Love their outfits!! They look so proud of them. I'm sure they had a GREAT time trick or treating on main street. That is such a fun idea. Love, Mom/Mora/Nana

La Familia Lunde said...

So cute!! I bet everyone wanted to give them extra candy. :)

Anonymous said...

Those cute guys can come trick or treating at our house any old time! Love, A. Dianne

Andy Dave said...

Well, Amy, tell Liam I'm very sorry for my mistake. Its been so long since I've watched that movie. As far as I remembered he didn't put on the uniform until right before he got into the ship, and I didn't pay close enough attention. I realize Toby's hair is bright red, thus not quite Luke, but I was pretending just a little bit. :)