Saturday, July 25, 2009

Asher is Three!

Having a few friends over for a pool party seemed like the perfect way to celebrate a summer birthday! Asher was really looking forward to his party, and was most specific about his cake: it had to be CHOCOLATE and it had to be ROUND (he even pointed out a few things that are round to me, in case his mama didn't quite get the shape he had in mind...).

Asher you bring so much delight to our family with your affection, sweet demeanor, and fun-loving personality. We love, love, love, love you!!

Especially to make the grandma's happy, there are many more pictures of Asher's birthday posted on our web album:

If you are feeling especially nostalgic, you can take a look at the slide show I put together for Asher's birthday last year:


Anonymous said...

What a fun party!! The cake and cupcakes and PERFECT for a pool party! Nice job!! What kid wouldn't love that! Loved all those pictures on picasa too! Can't wait to see you all! Loved Asher's body painting with the icing...forehead, trunk, face etc. What fun! Love, Mora/Mom/Nana

Andy Dave said...

Oh man! Pool party seems like THE PERFECT B-DAY PARTY!!!

I love the progression of Asher eating the cupcake with no hands. Priceless!

It looks like Toby is swimming all over without help. Is he crossing the pool and stuff yet, or still sticking to the walls?

Give big kisses to those boys for me! I can't wait to see them in October for Mama's Birthday! POOL PARTY!!!

Amy said...

That looked like soooo much fun! Susanna! That cake is AWESOME! Did you come up with that idea on your own? Liam wants to know what you used for the nose? He thought a kiss would be the right shape, but then said, "But you can't have noses for hair!"

I'm envious of you with a pool only steps away. A lot of our friends have pools, but it's not as convenient having to pack swimsuits, towels, snacks (because I don't want them feeling obligated to feed us), load everyone in the van (getting even HOTTER and SWEATIER), unload, change, swim, dry off, change, load everyone back into the van, drive home, arrive all hot and sweaty again, hardly noticing that we swam at all.

A pool on site would be amazing! Maybe someday we'll even get down to try it out with you!

Happy Birthday, Asher!!

Anonymous said...

How well I remember your visit and all the fun--and then being so glad you did not have Asher until you at least got home!!!!! Because it is SO HOT here, Duane got the pool out again and he and Dusty have been enjoying it! I hope Toby does not mind!!!!!

Happy Birthday Asher!! You are growing up!!!!! Looks like it was a fun party. Susanna, you and Amy are sure making great BD cakes!!!!! Looks like the competition is stepping up--I'm really anxious to see how the next BD cake looks!! Love ya, A. Dianne

La Familia Lunde said...

How fun! It looks like you all had a great time! AWESOME cake, so creative! We miss you all!

Katie and the Fam said...


Sherman Family said...

Happy belated birthday little Asher, you are an angel!