Friday, January 23, 2009

I two.

A little taste of Asher-talk:

-Let's play these. Yeah fun!

-You okay Toby? I'm sorry. You need mommy?

-I give you big, big, big hug!

-I want to eat mama's dinner. (Said as he eyes what mom is eating for breakfast.)

Asher: Mama, is your hair dangerous?
me: No, my hair is not dangerous.
Asher: My hair is dangerous.

The only thing I can gather from that conversation is that I must of told one of the boys to please not touch my hair...and Asher correlated that with the typical warming of, "Don't touch! It's dangerous." He does not like his hair touched either.

Arm Art by Asher

me: Asher, do you want to go on a walk with mommy?
Asher: Ya! That be fun!

The latest big news in Asher's life is that we moved him to a toddler bed. The transition has gone very well!


Anonymous said...

You manage to capture great pictures! Looks like the new bed is a great hit! I love the conversation of a 2 year old child. I'm so glad you are able to record some of it. I always wished I could record the 5 yr. olds bits of wisdom that I used to hear. Love ya, A. Dianne

Deborah said...

I love your blog is so amazing...Sorry I forget to check it. I love Asher's talk and I forgot to check out his new bed last night. Your boys are so sweet.

Andy Dave said...

Awww man. Big Boy Beds make me kinda sad. I'm so excited to see them though! It's gonna make my year!

Andy Dave said...

PS- The new design for the blog looks good...

Amy said...

You posted last Friday, but I just got the feed update today... weird.

Asher and Simon really need to get together AND DRAW ON EACHOTHER. They'd love it.

Mathew and Sara said...

Wow, toddler bed! What 2 year old wouldn't love a "big boy" bed. Looks and sounds like your boys are loving life. We miss you guys!