Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Wet Fourth of July!

Toby has been looking forward to our local 4th of July parade since last year, and he wasn't disappointed! Asher also had a good time and enjoyed waving at the people in the parade as Toby would enthusiastically yell, "Happy Fourth!"

The grand finale to the parade, and most exciting part for the boys, were the firetrucks, some of which had firemen on top spraying at the kids who wanted to get WET (The day was in the high 90s.)!! Many of the children, including our own, were armed with water guns and were allowed to spray back. It turned in to an all out water fight! A few of the firetrucks stopped at the end of the route and unloaded their hoses to spray water out in to the street for the kids to run around in and get SOAKED. Many kids even got to take turns holding the hose and turning the valve. Asher didn't participate much, although he liked watching, but lets just say that Toby went ALL OUT! Tim brought out a cooler full of water, which he refilled twice, so that Toby would have ample water to spray as he wished. He loved jumping through the water and getting a turn to spray the big hose. What an unforgettable experience for a four-year-old!
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Andrew said...

Dang! How jealous am I! Not only a parade, but a water fight! I feel like I haven't had a water fight since Ecuador. And taht's just depressing!

The Stiles Family said...

What a memorable day for the boys.